You are about to see one of the best examles of residential architecture world wide. Here you can see viraety of styles and incredible residential projects of world class. YGA-ARCHITECTS is one of the leading architectural companies specialising in residential building desin. The architectural style in most of the projects is linked to the Mideteranial clasical style.YGA has received many architectural awards for residential architecture and here you may notice unique interaction between the modern and the clasical architecture wich caries the elements of the universal-timeless design.YGA-ARCHITECTS work with one of the best and opendminded investors from Russia, England, Ireland, Bulgaria , Norway, USA, Dubai. The elegance of the classical line makes the projects of YGA unique masterpieces of architectural art. The mastership of distributing the building mass of the facades and understanding the architetural styles make this company to stands out compare to most bulgarian architects who worked all their live in Bulgaria only.

"Esteban Resort"



North-west elevation


Main entrace of the complex


View to the pool

Fountan in the front of the main entrance

View to the main entrancel
Detail from building "C"
Detail of building""
View to the garden of the complex
Detail from building "C"


Entrance for building"C" from the gardens


View from the pool to the complex


Entrance fro the main lobby from the gardens


Interior of the snak-bar area


View to the outdoor pool of the complex


Interior of the main foae


Main foae and the grand stair case


Detail of the building from the north-west elevation


Interior of the main lobby


View to the pools

Bird View to the complex

View from the pool and the gardens